About Thermal Imaging International

Who We Are

Thermal Imaging International was established through the desire to inspect and detect areas of potential business interruption and allow preventative maintenance before these matters become disruptive or even catastrophic.

Thermal Imaging can be employed across a range of industries and business sectors. Some of the more common applications include:

Insurance Companies

Your insurance company may specify Thermal Imaging of electrical systems to comply with their policy terms.
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Accommodation Providers

As providers of accommodation to the Public it is important that premises are inspected to find any potential faults for the safety of residents.
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Ranging across multiple industries, wherever uninterrupted operation of machinery is important to business profitability the use of Thermal Imaging can be employed to detect concerns before breakdown occurs. Planned maintenance can then be undertaken under controlled conditions.
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As animals can't tell you "where it hurts" Thermal Imaging is particularly useful as a diagnostic tool in animals.
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We sub-contract to Electricians, Plumbers and Home Inspection Companies to allow you to concentrate on your core business.
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