Thermal Imaging Services


  • Solar Panels

    Check for electrical defects, micro-fractures or ‘hot spots’ in solar PV panels.

  • Overheated Components

    Find overheated substations, transformers and other electrical components.

  • Underfloor Heating

    Find out if electric underfloor heating is working properly and/or where a defect has occurred.

  • Phase Supply

    Check for unbalanced phase supply (electrical load).

  • Hot or Loose Connectors

    Find defective connections or ‘hot joints’ before they cause long term irreversible damage to equipment or stock.

  • Power Usage

    Quickly see which circuits on a switchboard are consuming the most power.

  • Printed Circuit Board Defects

    Check for electrical defects on PCB’s.

Mechanical & Maintenance

  • Pipes & ducts

    Identify blockages in ventilation systems and pipe work.

  • Aircraft Maintenance

    Conduct fuselage inspection for de-bonding, cracks or loose components.

  • Hydraulic Systems

    Identify potential failure points within hydraulic systems.

  • Motor Vehicles

    Demonstrate specific vehicle mechanical issues such as overheated bearings, engine parts with uneven temperatures, and exhaust leaks.

  • Welding

    Welding requires the metal to be heated uniformly to melting temperature. By looking at the thermal image of a weld, it is possible to see how the temperature varies across and along the weld.

  • Bearings

    Bearings and conveyor belts in factories can be easily monitored with a thermal camera to identify potential issues.

  • Pumps and Motors

    Overheated motors can be spotted before they burn-out.

  • HVAC Performance

    Check how much heat is being generated by equipment inside a building and how the air conditioning ducting cold be improved to deal with this, for example, in server rooms and around comms racks.

  • HVAC Maintenance

    Check issues with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment such as the coils and compressors on refrigeration and air conditioning systems.


  • Underfloor Heating

    Find out if electric underfloor heating is working properly and/or where a defect has occurred.

  • Restoration & Rectification

    Related to the above moisture detection issues is one of restoration: to determine if restoration works have effectively solved the initial problem.

  • Moisture, Mould & Rising Damp

    Infrared cameras can be used to find the extent and source of damage caused to a property by moisture related issues (including rising and lateral damp, and mould).

  • Leak Detection

    It is not always obvious where the sources of a leak is located, or it may be expensive and/or destructive to find out. Thermal Imaging makes leak detection a whole lot easier.


  • Infection

    Quickly locate potential areas of infection (indicated by abnormal temperature profile).

  • Circulation Problems

    May help to detect the presence of deep vein thromboses and other circulatory disorders.

  • Musculoskeletal Problems

    Thermal imaging cameras can be used to diagnose a variety of disorders associated with neck, back and limbs.

  • Skin Temperature

    A non-invasive way to detect variations in skin temperature (which can be symptomatic of other underlying issues).

  • Horse Treatment

    For diagnosis of tendon, hoof and saddle problems.